ARMATURE Fabric: April 2023 Release Notes

Over the last few months we have continued to focus on introducing new features and developing additional performance enhancements. Please see below for a summary of the most recent developments. We hope some of these updates help support your organizational goals, better engage your stakeholders, and improve the way you work.


New Features

We have introduced several new features within the latest product release based on suggestions we have received directly from customers and improvements that our product team has identified. For this release we focused on developing a new piece of functionality that enables multiple users to make updates to the same Instrument page while retaining all response data. New features include:

  • Application Configuration Options:
    1. Introduced configuration options to allow only one instance of an application type to be created and open at a time.
    2. Introduced configuration options that allow you to automatically start an instance of a process when an application is created.



  • Cohort Management: 
    • Allow management and tracking of a cohort of organizations as it relates to applications and processes.





  • Public Directory Support: 
    • On request, ARMATURE Fabric can provide support for the creation of a public directory that lists your certified/accredited organizations and programs. Below are examples of the screenshots we shared in our last release notes. For further information, please contact your implementation team, or contact




  • Instrument Enhancements: 
    1. Instrument Responses/Reviews: Save-by-Part support for Offline mode for configured implementations. 
    2. Instrument Responses/Reviews: Introduced support for new Number question type Year. 


  • Process Enhancements:
    • Processes: Based on “Auto-complete” attribute configuration, Instrument Response stages will automatically complete when all instrument responses have been submitted without requiring the user to manually complete the stage. 
    • Processes: Based on “Auto-complete” attribute configuration, Instrument Scheduling stage will automatically complete when all instruments have been scheduled. 
    • Processes: Introduced configuration options to allow automatic scheduling of Instrument Responses on Instrument Scheduling stages: 
      • Requirements: 
        • Instrument Schedule stage type only 
        • Instruments are marked Required on the process definition for this stage 
        • Instrument must have a non-archived published copy (will use latest) 
      • Outcome: 
        • Open date will be set to date of running the automation 
        • Close date will be empty 
        • Will be linked to the same context entity as the process 
        • Private will be set to false 
        • Require Completion will mimic the value set on the Published Instrument 
      • Constraints: 
        • Does not support setting Static Variables 
        • Does not support setting direct assignees at the time of submission (can add assignees afterward) 


  • Added general UI improvements to processes for an organization and within an application to focus on activities to be addressed. Milestones and completed activities are also easily accessible from the process. 


  Performance and other General Improvements

  • System Performance: Introduced several new indexes to help with general system performance. 
  • Applications: Ensure abandoned applications do not show on a user’s My Items’ Applications listing widget. 
  • Applications: Improvements to process display elements for My Items users with access to an application. 
  • Applications: When navigation to an application, the UI will default to the Activities tab (processes) instead of the Certifications tab (certificate types associated with the application). 
  • Applications: Show status of the Application rather than current process stage name for the top-level status for the application. 
  • Certifications: Improve expiration date calculation consistency across certification entities. 
  • Documents: Ensure temporary document folders are not saved in the global documents view. 
  • Documents: Introduced additional permissions for shared documents. 
  • Documents/Trusted Contacts:Introduced new settings to control how trusted contacts can manage documents (Organization Representative persona): 
    • Customer Settings > CXM > Organizations > Trusted Contact > Document  
  • Extensions: Improved UI for displaying and editing extensions and associated cascade rules. 
  • Instrument Builder: Ensured default questions keys are created when importing non-required questions from the question library. 
  • Instrument Builder: Improved layout of flyout menus on the instrument builder when configuring very narrow columns in a table question. 
  • Instrument Responses: Introduced a permission to allow replacing documents after submission.  
  • Instrument Responses: Updated “Back to Application” navigation for better usability:



  • Instrument Responses: Improved consistency with display of Documents and Issues tab when related settings and permissions are disabled. 
  • Instrument Response Reviews: Ensured questions are made available across review cycles when “Previous Review Access” is selected. 
  • Instrument Response Reviews: Ensured additional save histories are only created for document questions when document responses are changed. 
  • Processes: Allow editing of a Process Instance display name after it has been created. 
  • Requests/Translations: Support for additional languages (if configured) for Inquiries and Complaints. 
  • Translations: Improved support for translations across primary Organization, Program and People entities. 
  • Translations: Added support for translations for Conflict of Interest and Education views. 
  • System Components: Upgraded underlying Rich Text editor. 
  • Users: Export now optionally includes details about whether the User account is linked to a Person record and its archived status. 
  • Minor User Interface improvements and cleanup across the system

Key Bug Fixes

There are several bug fixes included in this release that have resulted in the following:

  • Data Sync API: Fixed an issue where Data Sync API would fail when certain organization structure data was provided; only impacts customers directly accessing the API from an external system. 
  • Email: Fixed an issue where email responses (when email gateway functionality has been enabled and configured) were not displaying on an Organization, Program or Person’s email tab. 
  • Equipment: Fixed an issue where some certification decisions were not editable. 
  • Events: Fixed an issue where the Items for Review listing did not display data for a Standard Event. 
  • Events: Fixed an issue where Business ID for an Organization or Program was not displayed when searching for Items to add to the Event. 
  • Extensions: Fixed an issue where choice-based extension cascade rules would be cleared after making changes to the extension choices. 
  • Groups: Fixed an issue where some group members could not be removed from sub-groups. 
  • Groups: Fixed an issue where Group selections were not appearing as updated after changes to a Contact record. 
  • Issues/Translations: Fixed an issue where some users would not see translations reflected on issues options when switching languages. 
  • Instrument Builder: Fixed an issue where calculated questions would not clear their formula when switching calculation type. 
  • Instruments as Forms (Processes): Fixed an issue where completed forms could not be submitted. 
  • Instrument Responses: Fixed an issue where the Expand Criteria | View Standard options were missing on the Instrument Response. 
  • Instrument Response Reviews: Fixed an issue where some Instrument Response Review Change Requests would not display after response from the respondent. 
  • Instrument Response Reviews: Fixed an issue where empty Instrument Response Review part histories would be created. 
  • Instrument Response Reviews: Fixed an issue with Instrument Response Reviews where responses may not save on subsequent review cycles after the first. 
  • Instrument Response Reviews: Fixed an issue with Instrument Response Reviews where a reviewer would be opted in to answer a question unanswered by the respondent without having to click Edit. 
  • Instrument Response Reviews: Fixed an issue where question text would disappear after saving the page under certain circumstances. 
  • Instrument Response Reviews: Fixed an issue where some reviewers were unable to respond to document upload questions branched onto a review cycle. 
  • Instrument Response Reviews: Fixed an issue where Issues could be captured from a review even if Allow Issues was disabled. 
  • Notifications: Fixed an issue where a user with access to multiple tenants would also see their notifications for tenants other than the active one. 
  • Notifications: Fixed an issue where the notification counter would not reset when switching tenants. 
  • Payments: Fixed an issue with Square payment integration, for configured customers, where payment details were not successfully sending to Square. 
  • Processes: Fixed an issue where the default assignee of a process stage would not be notified when their stage moved to in progress. 
  • Security: Fixed an issue where certain users were being granted system-level security roles due to direct item assignments. 
  • Training Pathways: fixed an issue where extensions were displaying updated values after a user canceled changes.
  • Users: Fixed an issue where the new user email could not be sent when the template contained more than one hyperlink.

Users: Fixed an issue where item-level permissions would be erased for some users after modifying their user account. 


Next Steps

If you have specific requests, including training, or wish to see post-release updates, please contact your Project Manager or Customer Support for more details. To experience the full benefits of the ARMATURE Fabric platform, we recommend that you update your software twice a year.

Training Videos

We invite you visit our YouTube channel from time to time to check out our latest videos:

Recently, we have added the following instructional video:

  • Report Configuration: (configuring shaped data sources for a report template):