ARMATURE Fabric Supplemental Guidance for September and December 2022 Product Release



Instrument Response Review - Updated indicator for consecutive modifications

An Indicator (bubble with number of changes) now appears on a Review when a Reviewer has requested some changes and the Respondent submits changes made as part of change request.

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Instrument Responses - Duplicate document name - auto rename

If you upload a new document to the Instrument Response and the document with the same name already exists under the Documents tab then file will be renamed in increments as follows: underscore followed by the next available number (for example, doc.pdf -> doc_1.pdf -> doc_2.pdf, etc.).


Instrument Responses - Ability to replace document with "empty" document

When an Instrument Response is submitted/or Review is created then a Respondent/Reviewer now has an option to replace any document with an empty document. There is no way to remove a document.


Responses - Track optional "context" entity for applications; Show reverse navigation out of response

If an Instrument Response was scheduled within the application process, the APP Number needs to show up on the Instrument Response Summary page. It will be clickable for Staff and should direct to the APP overview. Note that this only applies to new responses, not those already scheduled. The APP Number will be hidden for My Items users.


Convert data for programs - CxM, PM, QM

For those clients who have previously used Programs, they will be converted to Organizations with Programs as a new category. The Program Representative Persona will no longer be available. Instead, the Organization Representative persona will be used for organizations of category Programs.


Allow for configurable extensions mapped to organization being a "program"

For those clients who have converted Programs to Organizations using the Programs category, you can now configure extensions for Organizations with the category Programs separately from other Organizations by mapping these in Setup>Customer settings>Extensions>Organization extension>Mapping.


Provide selection for program type on organization when it is a "program"

When adding a new Organization/updating an existing Organization, there is a new attribute “Organization category”. If the “Program” option is selected, then Organization will become an Organization with the category “Program”.


"Programs" - Provide visibility to parent organization

If an Organization is assigned the category “Program” the user will see parent info under Organization name in most places within the system in the following format (if all fields are available):

<Org Name> (<BusinessId>) <Program Flag>

<Parent Org Name> (<Parent Business Id>)

<Program Name>

<City>, <State Code>


Provide configurable trusted access to all child organizations

In the setup area>Customer settings>CXM>Organizations>Trusted contact>Child Organization Access, there are now three options: None (Org Rep can only see Organizations they are a trusted contact of), One Level (Org Rep can see Organizations they are a trusted contact of and their children), All (Org Rep has access to all Organizations they are a trusted contact of and children of all levels (including grandchildren, grand-grandchildren, etc.).


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Sorting of Scopes

In an application with a certificate type, if the certificate type has a list of pre-defined scopes, the scope list should be alpha-numerically ordered. 


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Instrument Response Review - Enter rating on review without "modification"

When a rating is not allowed in an Instrument Response but is allowed in Review (configuration in Instrument Builder) then a Reviewer will have the ability to select rating without clicking “Modify response” icon now.

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Applications - Dynamic Certification Entity (user defined certifications)

Setup>Certifications>App type>User defined application type. This allows users to:

  1. Specify one or more “Organization” objects (Program, Course, Offering, etc.) that can be certified to one or more certification types 
    • Admin may specify the “Type” of organization to be created:
      • If only one, the type is not shown to the user
      • If more than once the user may select which type of “Organization” they wish to create
    • User may specify the name of the Organization upon application (e.g., Coaching Excellence for difficult Project Managers)

    1. All User Defined Organizations will be created as a child of the applying Organization and listed in their hierarchy:
      • Note that because all User-Defined items are “Organizations”, they can carry additional characteristics and data like any other Organization 


Applications - Modified Application View / User Defined Certifications - Application Creation Changes

Application overview and Application creation screens were modified to support user defined application type and changes to App type settings.


Response Modification - Submit back must be 100% if completion required

A new check was added to make sure that an Instrument Response is 100% completed when Respondent submits their changes as part of a Change Request.


Instrument - Ability to change Instrument Type after creation

Previously, there was no way to change an Instrument type after Instrument creation. Now, there is an option to update it in Instrument Builder>Settings>Instrument type on the left-hand side of the page.


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Standard - Improved warning when trying to remove a criterion in use on an Instrument

When a user is trying to remove criterion from a standard that is referenced on Instrument(s), they will receive information about where the criterion is referenced so they can decide whether or not to proceed with changes before removing.

Possible scenarios:

  • Removing criterion on standard - shows instruments, page, and parts
  • Removing standard form instrument - show page and parts
  • Removing standard - shows instruments


When navigating to a part, it will scroll to the part (UI improvement)


Manage Organization public profile

Organization profile> Public profile tab. You can now add a logo, social media accounts, website, overview. This information is visible for clients using the directory feature within ARMATURE Fabric.



Certification – Calculated Effective and Expiration Dates

Changes have been made to the calculation of Effective and Expiration dates and shows updated logic in the following places:

  • Staff>Certified Organization listing
  • Staff>Org profile>Certifications widget
  • Staff>Org profile>Certifications tab (A new tab was added in the current sprint)
  • Org Rep>Dashboard
  • Org Rep>Certifications tab

Calculated Effective Date - Use default effective date UNLESS:

  • There is an intervening decision that is not Extend
  • If it exists, use intervening decision’s effective date

Calculated Expiration Date - Use default expiration date UNLESS:

  • There is an intervening decision that is EXTEND
  • If it exists and expiration date > default expiration, use intervening decision’s expiration date

For reports based on certification info data source, calculated fields should NOT be filterable or sortable.




Translated questions that were imported from the library don't have French translations

Setup>Instruments>Instrument builder

Questions that were translated in the Instrument builder and then added to the library were missing translations. This issue is now fixed. Now, questions inserted from the library have translations.


Option to inform user about user account creation is missing when creating person record with user account

There was an issue with notifications not being sent when a new user account was created from Person listing and contact creation. Now, when creating a person profile with a new user account (existing user accounts won’t be affected by this change), it will show a user email message with an ability to edit before sending it. Once “Send email” button is clicked, a person profile with user account will be created and an email notification will be sent.

Where and when this message will popup:

  • Person listing>Person profile with user account creation
  • Person profile editing>Linking existing person profile to new user account
  • Person profile>Affiliation editing>Linking a new user account
  • Organization>Contact adding/editing>Linking a new user account

If clicking Close then the email notification will not be sent, but person profile with user account will still be created.


Instrument Response - Save by part on original responses

Save by Part is designed to only capture changes on a page that the user has modified.

Save by Part should provide support for:

  • Only saving parts (criteria, question, or table questions) that the user has changed since loading
  • Unchanged parts should not overwrite changes that other users have made on same page to parts that the current user has not modified
  • If parts are modified by different users at the same time:
    • they should no longer be presented with conflict checking
    • response history should correctly capture both changes in order of save
    • user will see a banner above question modified by another user and asking to save the page to see the most recent changes. 
  • Multiple parts that are modified by a user on a page should be captured in history at the same time.


Save by Part should work the same for responses provided during original response and review cycles.


Allow commenting on Review without Instrument Response Review update permission

Previously, the ability to add Review Comments was reliant on an Instrument Response Review Update along with Instrument Response Comment permissions. Now, ARMATURE Fabric allows users to be configured such that they can CRUD Review Comments independently of editing/updating/modifying the review itself.



  • If comment is on response - it will be visible to the reviewer only, if reviewer has permission to see comments on response
  • If comment is on the review - there are multiple scenarios: 
  • If reviewer is an assignee on Review 1 with deny Read comments and Review 2 with allow Read comments then the user won't see comments from previous review
  • If Reviewer had allow Read comments on Review 1 - then they will see comments from the previous review
  • If Reviewer is not assigned to Review 1 and has access to Review 2 with “Allow Read” comments on Reviews then the Reviewer will see comments from both reviews


Rating configuration doesn't get cleared in the Instrument builder and affects potential score in the Instrument Response

Previously, “Potential score” was incorrect because rating configuration didn’t get cleared on the backend in the scenario when a part is marked as Allow Rating (rating should have score configured), changes are saved in the instrument builder, and then “Allow Rating” is removed from the part and changes are saved one more time.

This issue will still happen for existing Instrument Responses but the issue won’t happen for newly created instruments.

In addition, scope exclusion, when entered on multiple lines, was displayed on certification detail screen as a single line. The issue was fixed, and multiple scopes now display on multiple lines.

Static variable doesn't seem to pre-fill a question with response

During Instrument scheduling, a static variable was not pre-filled when configured in the Instrument Builder>Settings>Instrument variables tab data. The issue has been fixed.

Instrument Response: Repeatable table questions - delete row not working

Repeatable table - deleting row (embedded table) was not correctly deleting rows. The issue has been fixed in the Instrument Response and partially in Review. Additional work is being conducted to fix the remaining issue in Review. 

Instrument Builder: 'The wrong order' issue when moving pages

Instrument Builder with multiple pages>Move pages on the right-hand side: Updating the order of pages was not saving correctly and was causing some issues/duplicates in the Instrument response and Review. The issue has been fixed.

Instrument Review with Repeatable table: Order of row is messed up after saving changes

When an Instrument Review had a Repeatable table with multiple rows (embedded tables) it was incorrectly ordering embedded tables after saving the page. The issue has now been fixed.


Filtering by Review Status in the Instrument Response listing never loads results (keeps spinning)

This issue was happening when accessing an Instrument Response listing from the main menu and then filtering results by Review Status. The issue has been fixed.

Instrument Response listing: Reviews display out of order

When an Instrument Response contained multiple reviews, it was ordering them correctly on the Instrument response summary page but not in the Instrument Response listing. Now, it is ordered by utcCreated.

Org Rep>Structure tab: Archived Organizations/Programs need to be hidden

The issue was only fixed for Org Rep persona. Trusted contacts will not see archived organizations under the Structure tab anymore. Staff will continue to see it as designed:

  1. Organization profile>Structures


Certification Decision Scope - Convert scope statement to selected scopes, where applicable

A SQL script will be run manually for each customer who uses certifications/applications, as follows:

  1. For all decisions with scope statement recorded against a certification
  2. If the certification decision was against an application, use application certificate scope configuration to determine if it should be statement vs selection. If selection:
    1. Split scope statement by line break and look for matching scope in scope listing
    2. If a match is found, it will be converted as a selected scope
    3. If a match is not found, it will NOT be converted as a selected scope
  1. If the certification decision was added after an application decision was recorded (Revise, Add Site), to identify which application’s setting to be used, below is the logic:
    1. Look at the most recent decision before this decision (BY DECISION DATE) and associated to the application. Use this application’s setting to identify statement vs selection
  2. Similar logic to be applied to “Entity Certs”. Application setting used in this case will be the Application Entity Scope configuration.


Training Pathway Track Approval - Show only applicable extensions by track

A mapping was added to Training Pathway extensions. Now, Track approval listings will only show extensions that are mapped to the certain track.


Training Pathways - When adding an activity, track approval status should not change

Person profile>Training tab>Training Pathway tab.

Track approval status was reverting to InProgress when a new activity was added after Approval. Now, the status will not update when new activity is added.


Translations are missing in the Instrument Review

When an Instrument Response is multi-lingual, it was showing the translated version in the Instrument Response but not in Review. The issue has been fixed.

Calculation won't update when removing embedded table/form with data

Previously, if there was a calculation that was based on embedded table/form data, then it didn’t update and showed the old data after removing embedded table/form from the Instrument response/Review. 

This issue is now fixed, and it will show updated values after removing embedded table/form. 

Instrument name should be a required field and not editable by an Organization Representative

Instrument Response summary page - previously, a user was able to update an Instrument name and save it as blank (when opening the modal for the 2nd time, field becomes optional). Now, a user cannot wipe out the Instrument name and save it as blank.

Instrument Response: File name is getting trimmed during document upload

After uploading a document with multiple dots (Example: 7.3.2 Document.pdf) it will be trimmed (example: 7.pdf) in the Instrument Response/Review. This is now resolved.

Publication does not allow the output of criterion parts unless Allow Rating is turned on

Flattened Rating Index only included criterion part data when Allow Rating was explicitly set on the part, regardless of the Allow Findings setting, resulting in the exclusion of Finding-only criterion parts from the index, data source and availability to publications.

The fixed covered the following scenarios for Instrument Response and Review:

  • no rating, allow finding;
  • no finding, allow rating;
  • allow both finding and rating


When a user uploaded a file with the same name to an Instrument Response/Review it retained the same name and looked like a duplicate.

The issue has been fixed and now a document will be uploaded with “_n” where n- is a number. So, this way, document names are not the same.


Courses Tab > Document upload not working and refresh not happening after add

Person profile>Training>Courses (old Training feature). Uploading a document to the Course was not working correctly. The issue has now been fixed. 

"Allow previous Access" Not respecting branching rules

Previously, in subsequent review with “Allow Previous Access” turned on, the respondent branched questions were showing despite a rule dictating they should not show. Now the issue has been fixed and it will force the user to click the “Modify response” icon in order to update questions and branched questions from a previous review.

No validation message on UI when it fails to save a phone number with more than 20 characters on back-end

Previously, this was an issue in all areas of the system with a phone number. Users would see a “500 error in the console”. Now, it doesn’t allow a user to save phone number with more than 20 characters and there is a validation error message on the UI.

Standard event>Items for Review>Filter>Vote status: Translation is missing as part of fabric.json file cleanup

Vote status was missing translations for label name. This is now resolved.