ARMATURE Fabric: December 2022 Release Notes

Over the last few months, we have continued to focus on introducing new features and developing additional performance enhancements. Please see below for a summary of the most recent developments. We hope some of these updates help support your organizational goals, better engage your stakeholders, and improve the way you work.


New Features

We have introduced several new features within the latest product release based on suggestions we have received directly from customers and improvements that our product team has identified. For this release we focused on developing a new piece of functionality that enables multiple users to make updates to the same Instrument page while retaining all response data. New features include:

  • Multi-User Instrument Page Saving (Save-by-Part)
    1. Introduces the ability for multiple users to access and respond to questions on the same page within an Instrument Response/Review and save responses without overwriting each other.
    2. While only the last-saved response is visible, all other responses can be accessed in a history view
    3. Save-by-Part is designed to only capture changes on a page that a user has modified. It provides support for:
      1. Only saving specific “parts” (criteria, questions, or table questions) that the user has changed since loading
      2. Unchanged parts should not overwrite changes that other users have made on same page to parts that the current user has not modified
      3. If parts are modified by different users at the same time:
        • They should no longer be presented with conflict checking
        • Response history should correctly capture both changes in order of save
  • User will see a banner above a question modified by another user and request users to save the page to see the most recent changes 
  1. Multiple parts that are modified by a user on a page should be captured in history at the same time


  1. Save-by-Part should work the same for responses provided during an original response and in review cycles


  • New User Notifications: 
  1. Re-introduced notifications to new users when created by Trusted Contacts/Organization Representatives
    • Trusted Contacts now have the option to edit and send an email message regarding account creation to the new user 
    • Once a new contact is created, the following pop-up screen will appear. Choose “Send Email” to initiate the notification. If you select “Close”, the user will still be saved, but no notification will be sent.



  • Out-of-Cycle Calculated Effective and Expiration Dates: 
  1. Introduced new Calculated Effective and Calculated Expiration dates for certifications that account for intervening decisions (recorded directly on the certification record)


  • New Public Profile Features: 
    1. Introduced public profile features to the organization profile to allow capturing basic social media links and high-level summaries 





  • User-Defined Certification Options:
  1. Introduced support for user-defined certification types that allow more controlled 

management of certified entities (see screenshots on page 3): 

  1. Supports the creation of multiple instances of a single certificate type; 
  2. Supports naming unique instances of a single certificate type; 
  3. Entities are created as full organizations providing access to the complete suite of tools available to an organization 









  • Training Pathway Tracking: 
  1. Introduced new views to simplify the identification of contacts and people that enrolled in a Training Pathways track that requires approval 


  • Payment Processing Support: 
  1. Introduced initial out-of-the-box support for Payment Processing (processors: 

Authorize.NET and Square): 

  1. Current implementation requires customization for populating Invoice/Amount 


  1. Payment listing shows all payment process stages and their current status with 

link to invoice where available


  • Shared Documents:
    1. Shared documents are now visible to Staff under an organization record, including the ability to make edits



Performance and other General Improvements

  • Performance: Improved performance of the Instrument Response search listing page 
  • Performance: Improved performance of the Event Module Review Items area
  • Performance: Improved loading times of Application Overview page 
  • General architectural update to .NET 4.8 
  • Data Source Expansion: updated Instrument Response/Review Info data sources to include:
    1. “Schedule Date”
    2. “Allow Findings” output option when Ratings are disabled 
  • Instrument Response: updated the display order of Instrument Response Reviews on the Instrument Response search listing 
  • Instrument Response Review Permissions: now allows users to add comments without requiring Instrument Response Review Update permissions. This allows Reviewers to provide feedback without giving them the ability to change the responses themselves 
  • Organization Representative Structure: updated the Organization Representative Structure view to ensure archived records are hidden
  • Validation: introduced phone number validation when field length is greater than 20 characters  
  • Training Pathways: improved how training pathways are managed for an individual to reduce complexity 
  • Standards Management: criterion title can now be inferred from the content if not directly provided 
  • Standards Management: improved warning messaging when attempt to remove criteria being used in instruments 
  • Instruments Management: configuration users can now update the Type of an Instrument after it has been created. This allows changing an Instrument from an Assessment to a Self-Assessment or vice versa 
  • Instrument Responses: uploaded documents will automatically be given a unique name if an existing document has the same name 
  • Instrument Responses: support allowing Staff users to replace documents after submission, if necessary (e.g., removal of documents found to contain PHI data) 
  • Instrument Responses: summary/landing page will now include a link back to the item the instrument response was linked from (e.g., Application/Process will link back to the Application) 
  • Instrument Response Reviews: request modifications now enforce 100% completion when Requires Completion is checked for the Instrument Response 
  • Instrument Response Reviews: “Allow Ratings and Findings” can now be turned on without requiring “Allow Response Modifications” 
    1. Supports Rating/Findings only captured during review cycles 
    2. Prevents unexpected edits from reviewers on non-rating/finding questions 
  • Applications: updated interface to simplify management and usability 
  • Feature Removal: deprecation of Organization Programs object type 
    1. Organization Programs are being moved to the Organizations object type 
    2. Organizations will now display parent organizations to simplify parent/child identification for Programs 
    3. Conversion support available for customers using this feature 
    4. Note that customizations are not included in the conversion and would be covered under SOW
  • Minor User Interface improvements and cleanup across the system



Key Bug Fixes

There are several bug fixes included in this release that have resulted in the following:

  • Instrument Response Reviews: fixed an issue where some users would see previously 

deleted Instrument Response Reviews 

  • Instrument Calculations: fixed an issue where some Instruments configured with ratings and scoring would not calculate correctly 
  • Instrument Response and Instrument Response Review Calculations: fixed an issue where Instrument Response Review percentage complete would show incorrectly 
  • Instrument Variables: fixed an issue where static variables on an instrument response were not populating their associated question(s) when the response was scheduled 
  • Instrument Response: Fixed an issue where the Instrument Response search listing would not filter by Review Status 
  • Instrument Options: fixed an issue where the “Allow No Data” option on Instrument questions was not working for some users
  • Instrument Response: fixed an issue where the Instrument Response Name could be edited by Trusted Contacts 
  • Instrument Response Review: fixed an issue where Instrument Response Review completion percentage still factored in questions/parts hidden due to branching  
  • Instruments: fixed an issue where some pages in an instrument would remain out of order after moving 
  • Instrument Completion: fixed an issue where percentage completion next to the page title will disappear after scheduling instrument response, launching it, and then navigating back to the summary
  • Table Questions: fixed an issue where some users were unable to delete a row from a table question that contains repeatable rows 
  • Table Questions: fixed an issue where some users were unable to save a newly added row to repeatable table questions 
  • Events: fixed an issue where Review Item ordering was missing on Standard Events (events module) 
  • Processes: fixed an issue where the Process Completed date for a process would display incorrectly 
  • Translations: fixed an issue where translated questions would import from the library without translations 
  • Translations: fixed an issue where translations were missing in an Instrument Response Review 
  • Document Naming: fixed an issue where some document names with multiple “.” would be truncated when uploaded to an Instrument Response 
  • Training Courses: fixed an issue where a person’s training courses were not refreshing 
  • Event Module: fixed an issue where the Record decision button was missing on Event Module’s Review Items listing when the item was of type Application 
  • Ratings: fixed an issue with Filter by Rating across branched Instrument Response Reviews 
  • Standards: fixed an issue with Standards Listing not respecting the selected language 
  • Events: fixed an issue on the Organization Representative screen where a Focused Event’s details widget would display “Widget Not Found” 
  • Branching: fixed an issue where “Allow Previous Access” did not respect branching logic and rules 
  • Notifications: resolved an issue preventing some notifications being sent to trusted contacts from a process activity 
  • Notifications: resolved an issue where some users would not receive dashboard notifications 
  • Organizations: resolved an issue where new organization records would not be created unless you unchecked the Primary Email checkbox 
  • Applications: resolved an issue preventing the Applications Overview page from loading for users without specific elevated permissions 
  • Instrument Response: resolved an issue preventing the Filter option on Instrument Response Reviews from working correctly 
  • Instrument Response: resolved an issue where some users would see unexpected translations within an Instrument Response 
  • Permissions: resolved an issue where some trusted contacts users had visibility to documents on a process stage that was not externally accessible 
  • Contacts: resolved an issue where some customers could not see a person’s name when customizing the read-only properties of the Person Editor screen 
  • Standards Management: resolved an issue where Standard criterion elements would display out of order for some users 



Next Steps

If you have specific requests, including training, or wish to see post-release updates, please contact your Project Manager or Customer Support for more details. To experience the full benefits of the ARMATURE Fabric platform, we recommend that you update your software twice a year.

Training Videos

We invite you visit our YouTube channel from time to time to check out our latest videos:

Over the last few weeks, we have added the following instructional videos: