ARMATURE Fabric: June 2022 Release Notes

Over the last few weeks, we have continued to focus on introducing new features and developing additional performance enhancements. Please see below for a summary of the most recent developments. We hope some of these updates help support your organizational goals, better engage your stakeholders, and improve the way you work.


New Features

We have introduced several new features within the latest product release based on suggestions we have received directly from customers and improvements that our product team has identified. For this release we have focused on developing new Instrument Response Review functionality and additional performance improvements, particularly for complex Instruments (e.g., those that use branching logic). New features include:

  • Instrument Response Review: 
  1. Users are now able to flag questions during an Instrument Review (see example screenshots below):















  1. Users can now filter based on Ratings and Flags as well as additional properties (see example screenshots below):





  1. Users now able to see part history in the Instrument review for those items updated during review (question/rating/finding) 
  2. Reviews now display the number of Review Comments next to the part key 


  • Equipment: 
    1. Parts now support a Type named value configuration 
    2. Extensions can now be mapped based on equipment type


  • Other: 
  1. Security Users’ search filters now include filter by Locked Out status, Security Roles and 

Security Groups 



  1. Applications now surface all Events scheduled across processes within the application 


Performance and other General Improvements

  • Performance Enhancement: Instruments with complex branching should now be more responsive  
  • Instrument Response Reviews: completeness is now enforced 
  • Instrument Response Reviews: now show page completion percentage for the Review rather than the Instrument Response 
  • Instrument Response Reviews: will infer previous review access responses when a question is branched across multiple reviews 
    1. For example: if Review 1 and Review 2 both have specific branching logic to show Question X, the user is no longer required to edit/respond to Question X in Review 2 if there is already a response in Review 1 
  • Requests for Modification: Respondents can no longer submit changes to Requests for Modification unless all required questions are answered 
  • General Improvements: to Request for Modification behaviors 
  • Single Persona Login: Users with access to a single Persona will no longer be required to select that persona after login 
  • Personas: Users will now be presented with the Persona selector screen when changing customers unless they only have access to a single persona within that tenant 
  • Events: now display city and state for the organization with respect to Focused Events 
  • Application Listing: updated to new layout; menu moved to right side of list item 


Key Bug Fixes

There are several bug fixes included in this release that have resulted in the following:

  • UI Hotfix: Fixed several issues where certain UI elements would overlay other elements preventing selection or action: Z-index hotfix 
  • Single Sign-On: Fixed an issue for SSO-configured customers where the Reset External Information option was not available
  • Security: Fixed multiple issues with the Security Users search bar 
  • Instrument Response Deletion: Fixed an issue where some customers are unable to delete an already scheduled Instrument Response  


Next Steps

If you have specific requests, including training, or wish to see post-release updates, please contact your Project Manager or Customer Support for more details. To experience the full benefits of the ARMATURE Fabric platform, we recommend that you update your software twice a year.


Training Videos

We invite you visit our YouTube channel from time to time to check out our latest videos: