ARMATURE Fabric: February 2022 Release Notes

Over the last few weeks, we have continued to focus on introducing new features and developing additional performance enhancements. Please see below for a summary of the most recent developments. We hope some of these updates help support your organizational goals, better engage your stakeholders, and improve the way you work.

New Features

We have introduced several new features within the latest product release based on suggestions we have received directly from customers and improvements that our product team has identified. These include:

  • New Reports Interface – this new functionality is designed to simplify the reports module through improved visualization. The screenshots below provide examples of the new interface:


  • Self-Service Branding Feature – you can now configure ARMATURE Fabric with branding elements such as your logo and corporate color schemes directly within the software. Check out this short video which will provide you with guidance on how to access and use this feature:



To access the Branding Configuration section, simply visit “Settings” from the Staff dashboard, once you have taken the latest upgrade.

  • New Security Groups, Roles, and Permissions – these have been updated to reflect your feedback and inputs. Please note that these provisioned Groups and Roles are not editable. In addition, if you already have a “Staff” role, your current role will be renamed to “Staff1”.


  • Administrators – Internal/Support only, not intended for Customers
  • Staff – Customer Administrators, access to Staff Role and Settings Coordinator roles



  • Internal/Support only, not intended for Customers – work with your PM or account manager for advanced configuration needs:

•             Component Configurator

•             Index Manager

•             System Administrator

•             Translation Configurator



  • Branding Configurator – Manage basic branding elements like colors and logos 
  • Note that some environments with customizations may not be able to take advantage of this feature fully at this time due to style overrides 



  • Settings Configurator – Manage system settings except

•             SMTP Settings – work with your PM or account manager

•             Tabs – work with your PM or account manager



  • Staff – (previously Administrator) allows all operations except

•             Component management

•             Customer Settings management

•             Reset Indices

•             Branding management

•             Translations management


  • Improved Team Builder UI now includes a Details view by clicking Name or AVAILABLE link that displays: 
  1. Contact Info 
  2. Skills and Languages 
  3. Conflicts of Interest and Scheduling Conflicts 
  4. Education History 
  5. Training History 


  • My Items Persona: Calendar now allows individuals to manage their blackout dates 


Performance Improvements

The following update was made in this release reflecting a recent common request from our user community. These include:

  • General performance improvements to the way in which an organization record saves and how child organization records are updated


Key Bug Fixes

There are several bug fixes included in this release that have resulted in the following:

  • Org Rep Persona: fixed an issue preventing some users from navigating away from an Instrument Response’s summary page 
  • Org Rep Persona: fixed an issue preventing some users from navigating away from the Notifications area in specific cases 
  • Choice-Based Property Fix: fixed an issue for new environments with translations turned off that prevented choice-based properties (e.g., Contact Type, Address Type, etc.) from displaying updated valuesFor example:
    1. An issue was identified where a staff member changed the default Organization Types from A, B, C to X, Y, Z, but they still displayed as A, B, C when adding new Organizations. This is now resolved. 
  • Password Lockout Policy: fixed an issue with password lockout policy settings not saving on initial customer/tenant creation 
  • Read-Only Settings: fixed an issue where some read-only fields relating to a person or contact record add/edit form did not respect the read-only setting rules (this is typically only seen on customizations)
  • User/People Records Across Tenants: fixed an issue where some multi-tenant customers may not be able to link User/People records across tenants  

Next Steps

If you have specific requests, including training, or wish to see post-release updates, please contact your Project Manager or Customer Support for more details. To experience the full benefits of the ARMATURE Fabric platform, we recommend that you update your software twice a year.

Training Videos

Our YouTube video library is growing. We recommend you visit the library from time to time to check out our latest videos: