Over the last few weeks, we have been focused on introducing new features (including a new feature that enables board voting), improving certain areas of ARMATURE Fabric’s user interface, and developing additional performance enhancements. Please see below for a summary of the most recent developments. We hope some of these updates help support your organizational goals, better engage your stakeholders, and improve the way you work.

New Features

We have introduced several new features within the latest product release based on suggestions we have received from you and improvements that our product team has identified. These include:

  • Org Reps: Introduced a new hierarchy view showing all organizations when first landing on persona page
  • Org Reps: Introduced a new hierarchy view for organization structure
  • Equipment: introduced new change request and approval mechanisms





  • Equipment: Self-start processes can now be configured for equipment
  • Security: Introduced new management tools for configuring the language of security emails through the UI – if you would like to take advantage of this feature, please contact your project manager or email support@armaturecorp.com
  • Events: introduced a new board voting feature

  • Processes: An Organization’s Address Book is now available when sending an email from a process activity in Staff persona for organization-based processes
  • Processes: Comments can now be turned on or off for a process activity

Feature Enhancements and Performance Improvements

We have made numerous updates to multiple areas of ARMATURE Fabric that reflect recent common requests from our user community. These include:

  • General usability improvements to Instrument Response documents/document questions behaviors
  • Re-enabled multi-factor authentication
  • General user interface clean-up, especially with respect to permissions and feature access
  • Document Upload process activities no longer require the Allow Document Upload setting to be enabled
  • Events: User Interface improvements to enable better usability and support for board voting

  • General improvements to performance when saving an Instrument Response
  • Improved performance when using the self-start process feature as an Org Rep

Key Bug Fixes

There are several bug fixes included in this release that have resulted in the following:

  • Un-archiving Person records issue fixed
  • Fixed issue with exiting Instrument builder that could impact some users
  • Fixed issue with Org Reps selecting organizations that could impact some users
  • Ability to navigate within Instrument Preview fixed
  • Contact information display issues addressed
  • Organization profile now reflects recent changes to Contact or Liaison information
  • Managing group affiliations under a person’s profile
  • Fixed issue with issue management search filters returning unexpected data
  • Users now able to remove attachments from an Email started in a process activity
  • Fixed issue with number of events showing for My Items users
  • Updated permissions in scenarios where an Org Rep only has access to a child organization
  • Application extensions now being updated properly
  • Process activity comments now refreshing when changing activities
  • Fixed issue when sending emails or publishing documents that may impact some users
  • Documents can now be uploaded to an Event when user is not Staff

Next Steps

If you have specific requests, including training, or wish to see post-release updates, please contact your Project Manager or Customer Support for more details. To experience the full benefits of the ARMATURE Fabric platform, we recommend that you update your software twice a year.

Training Videos

Our YouTube video library is growing. We recommend you visit the library from time to time to check out our latest videos: