Over the last few weeks we have been focused on improving the speed and performance of ARMATURE Fabric to make the software more responsive to user actions. Please see below for a summary of the most recent developments. We hope some of these updates help support your organizational goals, better engage your stakeholders, and improve the way you work.

Performance Enhancements

We have made some general system updates that will improve the speed and performance of Instruments and Reviews within ARMATURE Fabric. These improvements will be particularly noticeable for large instruments.


Note that we will also provide a set of guidelines that will help you to structure Instruments more effectively in the near future so you can optimize performance.

Feature Updates

We have made numerous updates to Instruments and Reviews that reflect recent common requests from our user community. These include:

  • ARMATURE Fabric User Interface 
    1. Disabling the “Navigation/Exit” feature when a page is loading or saving
    2. Disabling the “Next” button on the last page of a Response/Review
    3. Translated Instrument Names display based on selected language within Process Management


  • Issue Management 
    1. Submit button removed from Organization/Program Representative views when issues are created within self-assessments or surveys
    2. Organization/Program Representative issue listings now includes due dates


  • Continuous Professional Development/Training Pathways
    1. User interface improvements
    2. Training pathway name - maximum length instructions enforced
    3. Track categories now support a “Name” property as well as a maximum value property
    4. Track Required Credits and Selections now consider category maximum requirements. For example:
      • A track with a requirement of 10 and a category with a requirement of 4
      • 6 credits attributed to the category (maximum requirement of 4)
      • Only 4 of the attributed credits on the category will apply to the track
    5. Required Tracks will now be promoted to a person’s missing Tracks
    6. Below are some sample screenshots of these new features:

Screenshot showing 4 maximum credits available per activity

Screenshot showing 24 credits earned for attending seminars



Screenshot showing an individual’s overall progress


Key Bug Fixes

There are several bug fixes included in this release that have resulted in the following:

  • Applications/Certifications
  1. Fixed issues with Duplicate Scopes during application creation
  • Reports
  1. Fixed issue with “Between” comparator changing to “Equals” after saving changes
  2. Fixed issue with sorting by entity name property
  • Equipment
  1. Fixed permission issues related to Trusted Contacts that do not have access to their Parent Organization
  • Processes/Events
  1. Fixed issue with Events not being removed from Processes when deleted from the Events listing
  • Instruments/Reviews
  1. Fixed issue where a User would lose access to Reviews if a review they were assigned to was removed
  2. Fixed issues with Document Questions/Document References not loading
  • General
  1. Fixed issue with Document Upload queue not clearing after upload

Next Steps

If you have specific requests, including training, or wish to see post-release updates, please contact your Project Manager or Customer Support for more details. To experience the full benefits of the ARMATURE Fabric platform, we recommend that you update your software twice a year.

Training Videos

Our YouTube video library is growing. We recommend you visit the library from time to time to check out our latest videos: