Over the last few weeks our product development team has been focused on creating new functionality. Please see below for a summary of these developments, along with an invitation to our Issues Management Webinar scheduled for March 18th. We hope some of these new features help support your organizational goals or improve the way you work.

Enhancements in Issues Management

Given the importance of capturing issues, non-conformances, and improvements during assessments and reviews, we have further enhanced the Issue Management feature to provide a better user experience by: 

- Creating a more user-friendly layout and streamlined steps for recording new issues 

- Enabling you to add a short description for each issue for easier issue identification 

- Enabling you to track issues against multiple criteria 

- Adding a new “Not Available” category to issue severity 

- Enabling users to create new issues directly from instrument responses through “Quick Add” functionality 

- Enhancing the Instrument Overview functionality: 

        o Enabling easy navigation to the instrument entity from the “Instrument Overview” page 

        o Providing a quick way to create issues in the “Instrument Overview” page and reference it with multiple criteria 

- Expanding the Issue Search List layout: 

        o Showing more issue details, including statement of issue, short description, and criteria references 

        o Providing additional search filters based on status 

We invite you to take a video tour of our new Issues Management enhancement: 

Instrument Review Publication 

You can now leverage the review ratings and findings information by rating categories from specific Instruments in document publication (e.g. Word, PDF, Text).

This functionality will enable you to generate a summary report of all ratings or findings from specific Instrument responses. For example, if you want to understand how many ratings in a given Instrument were categorized as “Failed”, you will be able to easily access this data.

You can configure this new publication under Setup->Publication 

Then, you can select the published instrument and the associated rating/finding information by rating category (e.g., pass, failed, and probation ratings) for the publication:

New Lookup Question Type in Instruments - Selecting a Contact or Person

We created a new question type in the instrument builder that allows a respondent to look up a specific contact/person as the answer, such as: 

    - All contacts in the organization 

    - All contacts with specific contact type (e.g., finance, director, others) 

    - Person in specific group (across different organizations) 

When you add a new question in the instrument builder, you will see a new “Lookup” question type: 


You can then configure which contact/person options are allowed as your answer:

For example, if you choose “Contact by Contact Type”, you can specify the contact type. 


The respondent can now choose any contact with the “Main” contact type. 

Next Steps

If you have specific requests, including training, or wish to see post-release updates, please contact your Project Manager or Customer Support for more details. To experience the full benefits of the ARMATURE Fabric platform, we recommend that you update your software twice a year. We have recently changed this guidance from quarterly based on customer feedback. 

For customers on an automatic upgrade plan, your next upgrade will include this release. Our Customer Support team will contact you in the near future regarding this upgrade .

Training Videos

Our YouTube video library is growing. We recommend you visit the library from time to time to check out our latest videos: