Over the last few weeks our product development team has been focused on creating new functionality. Please see below for a summary. We hope some of these new features help support your organizational goals or help improve the way you work

New Module: Continuing Professional Development 

ARMATURE Fabric’s Continuous Professional Development Module allows organizations to manage and enforce CPD requirements with flexible pathways, self-service entry and monitoring, as well as tools to help staff members understand exactly where their constituents are in the CPD process.  

It is designed to make it easier for staff members and constituents to track and monitor CPD components, identify gaps, and complete requirements. Below is a summary of the key features: 

Administration and Setup 

1. Define unlimited CPD Pathways to support all professional development tracking within your organization 

2. Define Pathway Tracks to provide multiple ways to achieve/maintain your CPD requirements 

3. Define activities and credit rules for granular control over CPD compliance 

4. Target groups and contacts that are eligible to enter CPD data. 



1. Allows users to easily visualize their status/progress with easy to use dashboard widgets 

2. Allows users to see past and present activities and how their credits impact their overall CPD requirements 

3. Allows users to easily update their CPD activities at any time. 


Staff Productivity 

1. Easily identify those constituents who are compliant/non-compliant to CPD requirements 

2. View a full history of all CPD activities and credits per constituent 

3. Maintain activities and credits on behalf of your constituents (for those who cannot use selfservice). 

View the video below to learn more about our Continuing Professional Development module:

Next Steps 

If you want to learn more about other ARMATURE Fabric features, please visit our product tutorial page where you will find out latest video library.