This update provides a summary of ARMATURE Fabric’s evolution through the third quarter of 2019.  Beginning  in the fourth  quarter, ARMATURE will return to our practice of providing release notes monthly.  

To  experience the full benefits of the ARMATURE Fabric platform, we recommend that our customers update their software following each quarterly release. If you have specific requests, or wish to see post-release updates, please contact your project/account manager for more details. 


In the early part of July, our team focused on improvements to core system functionality and added support 

for Industry Codes. These improvements were released across two version updates (spanning two, week long 

sprints) including: 

Version 1.0.19184.1 – released on July 8th, 2019 

Version 1.0.19194.3 – released on July 13th, 2019 

Note: July was a unique month as the team ran two short sprints and then subsequently started a month long 

sprint that extended into August.  July’s updates include the following additions/modifications: 


Calculations - Added support for “intra-table” calculations 

Other Changes

  • Upgraded rich text editor (Froala) to version 3.0 
  • Added the ability to track “Industry Codes” against organizations (e.g. NAICS, NACE, SIC, CIP, CAGE) 
  • Added the ability to track competencies (against Industry Codes) 
  • Added multiple security updates based upon results of ongoing scans 
  • Added the ability to include secondary data sources for publications (for deeper queries)

Significant Issues Resolved

1.0.19184.1 – released on July 8th, 2019 

Resolved a condition to allow the “Create Instrument from Standard” function to use working standards 

(rather than published standards) – FAB2 -7033 

Resolved an issue (case-sensitivity) within SAML assertion provider (SSO)

Version 1.0.19194.3 – released on July 13th, 2019 

  • Resolved inconsistencies in the way that “Issues” were processed in different areas of the system  
  • Resolved an issue with “Review” where the “Info” object was failing to reset – FAB2-7097 
  • Included site information for decisions on applications – FAB2-7094 
  • Updated user interface to resolve inconsistencies on complex tables within Instruments. 


In August, our team focused on making significant improvements to Instruments and Events, including a new 

layout for all Instruments. These improvements were released as part of a single package. 

Version 1.0.19224.5– released on August 13th, 2019 

August updates include the following additions/modifications: 


  • Added the ability to use Team Builder from Instrument Response Scheduling and Summary pages. 
  • Modified Instrument Response interface to allow for better usability and performance (adds a “right-side 
  • pane” to better organize information per rating/question and to prepare for review changes). 
  • Added coordinator to Instrument Responses for better organization as well as  future dashboarding and 
  • reporting. 
  • Restructured Instrument Scheduling interface for better usability 
  • Calculations – added logical checks to prevent users from setting up calculations that will prevent 
  • submission (e.g. calculating from non-populated read-only fields). 


Expanded API to allow for advanced customizations (without introducing breaking changes). 

Other Changes 

  • Added the ability to view archived information within process swim lanes. 
  • Added multiple security updates (including the removal of passive IIS headers) based upon results of 
  • ongoing scans.
  • Added OTB data sources for reporting on both Certifications and Events.

Significant Issues Resolved

  • Resolved an issue to allow questions with calculations to update completion percentage for other pages 
  • with calculations – FAB2-6878 
  • Resolved a condition preventing staff from uploading documents in certain environments – FAB2-7113 
  • Resolved a condition with calculations to provide a null value (instead of infinity) when user sets up a 
  • calculation that will attempt to divide by 0 – FAB2-7170 



In September, we focused on system improvements, minor features, and improvements for multi-lingual 

support. These improvements were released across two version updates including: 

Version 1.0.19248.2– released September 5th, 2019 

Version 1.0.19264.3 – released September 23rd, 2019 

September updates include the following additions / modifications: 


  • Removed support for AuthToken in query string 
  • Removed unneeded configuration settings in application.json 

Business Units

  • Added support for “Business Units” to allow larger organization to subdivide their customer base into 
  • regions/divisions/sites.  This is provided for easier management and dashboarding 
  • Added support to assign organizations to specific business units (for ease of management) 
  • Added consolidated dashboards to aggregate performance data of business units. 

Process Management

Added logic to suppress next stage info when no external access is available 

Other Changes

  • Added support for “Cascading Demographics” – allowing demographic values to hide/show other options 
  • when selected 
  • Added support for “Cascading Extensions” – allowing extension values to hide/show other options when 
  • selected 
  • Added API improvements to allow better integration and easier customizations (including support for 
  • Process Stages, Organization Decisions, Standards). 

Multi-lingual Functionality 

  • Added support to translate Personas 
  • Added support to translate paging results 
  • Added language selection to all login/authentication functions. 

Significant Issues Resolved

1.0.19248.2– released September 5th, 2019 

  • Resolved an issue with reporting so items that are not configured to be “sortable” cannot be clicked 
  • during report generation –  FAB2-5705 
  • Resolved an issue to prevent process management from recalculating the due date if an overridden value 
  • has already been provided by a user – FAB2-7022 
  • Resolved consistency issue with events due to international time capture – FAB2-7172 
  • Resolved minor security issue where SAML display settings are missing AuthRequest – FAB2-7220.

1.0.19264.3 – released September 23rd, 2019 

Added support to allow stage assignments from My Items (with appropriate security) –  FAB2-7283.