This update provides a summary of ARMATURE Fabric’s evolution through the second quarter of 2019.  Although our team continues to release version updates every 2-3 weeks,  we will be providing official release notes shortly after the end of each quarter.  

In order to experience the full benefits of the ARMATURE Fabric Platform, we recommend that our customers update their software following each quarterly release.  If you have specific requests or wish to see post-release updates, please contact your project/account manager for more details. 


In the month of April, our team focused on making continuous improvements to our Accreditation & 

Certification functions including enhancing system configurability, improving the re-usability of artifacts 

(documents, emails), and introducing a new feature called “Events”.  These improvements were released 

across two version updates including: 

Version 1.0.19098.4 – released on April 9th, 2019

Version 1.0.19114.4 – released on Apr 24th, 2019

April updates include the following additions / modifications: 


Allow organizations to record and modify decisions directly on a certification record (given the proper 


Allow users to run processes directly against certification records (to support activities that occur 

between initial application and renewal) 

Expand the configurability of applications through the introduction of new settings (specifically to 

manage data at the “Site” or “Location” levels) 

Allow “Addresses” to be included within a certification record (without obtaining their own certification) 


Full support for the inclusion of both Standard and Focused Events within ARMATURE Fabric’s stable 

product release 

Support for an “Event” activity within Processes to allow users to manage events and artifacts as part of a 

pre-defined workflow. 

Other Changes

Added the ability to search and re-use previously submitted artifacts (introduced as part of Events) 

Added the ability for new user and password emails to be configured by a System Configurator. 

Significant Issues Resolved

 1.0.19098.4 – released April 9th, 2019

Resolved a condition where "remarks" will not be saved correctly on a document question (within 

Instruments) - FAB2-5986 

Resolved conditions where phone and email could still be edited in read-only mode - FAB2-6415 

Resolved IE compatibility issues with teambuilding interface - FAB2-6509 

Enhanced process management functionality to allow users to schedule multiple instruments as part of a 

single stage - FAB2-6597

1.0.19114.4 – released Apr 24th, 2019 

Resolved an issue allowing users to update the text of the out-of-the-box (OTB) EULA (multiple 

languages) – FAB2-5595 

Resolved document upload performance issue within instruments when many document upload 

questions were placed on the same page – FAB2-6739 

Resolved multi-lingual translation issues with system-wide validations – FAB2-6785 

Resolved issue that allows an individual to change their name from “self-service module” and have it 

correctly reflected in customer tenant – FAB-668



In May, our team focused on progressive improvements to our Certification and Instrument modules. These 

improvements were released as part of a single package. 

     Version 1.0.19135.6– released on May 15th, 2019 

May updates include the following additions / modifications: 


Introduced the concept of Personnel Certification, allowing people to be certified as part of an 

Organization’s certification record. 

Added default dashboards for the “Organization Representative” of a certified organization (including 

dashboard information for applications and certification). 


Added “Advanced Calculations” allowing users to create formula-based arithmetic operations (e.g. 

A+B/C) integrating both question responses and variables for maximum flexibility. 

Added the capability to export all documents collected in an Instrument Response in a single zip file. 

Added options to control the content that is included in an “Instrument Response Export” including 

options to include: comments, documents, findings, issues, criteria, and filters

Other Changes 

Improved search algorithm to more efficiently and accurately search content within documents (Word 

and PDF). 


Significant Issues Resolved


Resolved a condition where dashboard counters (issues, requests, instruments) were not being reset 

correctly – FAB2-4949 

Resolved a condition where scope statement field was missing on Certification records – FAB2-6661 

Resolved translation issues for datestatements, e.g. 'a few moments ago' – FAB2-6729 

Resolved a condition where calculations and validations won't work if a variable is added to a 'read-only' 

attribute -– FAB2-6821 

Resolved a condition where a user cannot generate a certificate on an iPad  –  FAB2-6846 


In June, we focused on making progressive improvements to our core platform as well as Certification, 

Instrument, and Process Management modules. These improvements were released across two version 

updates including: 

Version 1.0.19154.4– released June 6th, 2019 

Version 1.0.19170.2– released June 19th, 2019 

June updates include the following additions / modifications: 


Added data sources to allow customizable ad-hoc reports for certified organizations 

Added support to allow for documents to contain display names (other than the document name) 

Modified “Organization Representative” dashboard to include application summary items (including 

related processes and events)


Introduced enhanced support for validation of date conditions 

Added the ability to properly reference criteria from published instruments 

Add the ability to limit the standards that can be referenced during the creation of an instrument 

Introduced full history for instrument responses (allowing the tracking and comparison of previous 

responses (to a question or rating)

Process Management

Restored the ability for authorized users to change calculated due dates (given the appropriate 


Other Changes 

Added functionality to allow email attachments to emails manually sent through ARMATURE Fabric. 


Significant Issues Resolved 

1.0.19154.4– released June 6th, 2019 

Resolved date validation issues within Instrument Responses –  FAB2-5790 

Resolved issues with pre-population on repeatable tables where missing data keys resulted in missing 

data – FAB2-6795 

1.0.19170.2– released June 19th, 2019 

Resolved issue where Instrument Response changes were not automatically saved before filtering – 


Resolved issue with multi-factor authentication caused by switching personas –  FAB2-5937 

Resolved issue in Instrument Response / Self-service view where a direct assignee can't view a full 

standard – FAB2-6287 

Resolved IE/Edge compatibility issues relating to embedded processes – FAB2-6507 

Resolved condition where read-only datepicker shows blank value –  FAB2-6761 

Resolved condition where completion percentage exceeds 100% after pre-population of responses –  


Resolved condition where an Instrument Response uses working criteria instead of published criteria –