Hello! In March, we made significant progress on key ARMATURE Fabric features: application and certification lifecycle, standard and focused events, offline, and team building. We'll share more about these exciting product initiatives below. We also tackled bugs to in an effort to make ARMATURE Fabric work even better for you. Read on for details, and thanks as always for partnering with ARMATURE for your software needs.

ARMATURE Fabric Feature Update: Application and Certification Lifecycle

 We continue to build out our application and certification lifecycle functionality. We've added significant configurability to allow users to have more control over the setup and execution of their accreditation and certification programs. As a reminder, the application and certification lifecycle brings all of your accreditation and certification artifacts together into a cohesive picture. This bundling of artifacts allows you to begin tracking an organization when they apply to be certified or registered, all the way up to the point in time that they're certified or accredited — and then to manage them throughout that ongoing certification cycle. Stay tuned for updates as we polish up the code and get this feature ready for prime time (we're targeting next month for a release).

application lifecycle armature fabric

ARMATURE Fabric Feature Update: Standard and Focused Events

We continue to build out our Standard and Focused Events feature to help accreditation and certification customers conduct their site visits, committee reviews, and other events more efficiently. From a software perspective, we are building "containers" that organize the various parts of an event — such as agendas, resources, and attendees — to allow you to track what happens during these critical milestones.

events management armature fabric

ARMATURE Fabric Feature Update: Offline

Offline functionality is critical for our customers, who often conduct site visits in internet-free areas. We made considerable progress on this feature in March, working to ensure that offline functions well in the wake of a change made by Google. We're testing this feature in all browsers, with an eye on speed and ease-of- use for our customers. You can expect a release of offline in April.

ARMATURE Fabric Offline

ARMATURE Fabric Feature Update: Team Building

We are tying team building into process management to make it easier for you to assemble your teams in the context of a process. By folding this step into your everyday workflows, we aim to save you time and create administrative efficiencies for your staff. We'll keep you posted as we finalize this feature.

Bug Fixes...

Some of the main bugs we tackled this month:

  • Fixed issue where program rep could see document details links
  • Fixed issue with address copy
  • Fixed issue with viewing process instances when not associated to a person record
  • Fixed issue with person index refreshes sometimes missing extensions
 Fixed issue with embedded processes not available in swimlanes

To see the improvements we made to ARMATURE Fabric in March 2019, view the full release notes below.