The February release of ARMATURE Fabric is here. The major updates we made this month include: a new certification/application feature, translation enhancements, and a fresh look for criterion parts in Instruments. I'll explain these updates — and how they will improve your ARMATURE Fabric experience — in greater detail below.

ARMATURE Fabric Feature: Certification/Application

To bring all of your accreditation and certification artifacts together into a cohesive picture, we've created a new certification/application feature. This feature allows you to begin tracking an organization when they apply to be certified or registered, all the way up to the point in time that they're certified or accredited — and then to manage them throughout that ongoing certification cycle. Elements include:

  • Application Types drop-down that contains applicable certification types
  • For allows you to use type-ahead search to input the Organization, Program, or Person
  • Auto-Populate Certification Types shows you all of the certification types a given entity is eligible to apply for
  •  Scope Statement enables you to input what do you do in the context of what you're asking to be certified for

ARMATURE Fabric Application Certification

ARMATURE Fabric Enhancement: Translations

We've expanded our translations functionality to cover more areas of ARMATURE Fabric, which will allow you to provide your multi-lingual users with a more robust experience. To take advantage of this feature, you will need to enter your translation text during configuration, and then your users will be able to toggle between languages in the application.

ARMATURE Fabric Translations

ARMATURE Fabric Enhancement: Criterion Part Indentation

Criterion parts can now be indented on Instrument Responses, which allows you to show hierarchy and move toward checklist-style audits. This new layout provides your users with a more intuitive experience as they reference criteria and complete Instruments.

ARMATURE Fabric criterion indentation

Bug Fixes...

Some of the main bugs we tackled this month:

  • Fixed issue with users having to clear their cache after upgrades/production deployments
  • Fixed issue with entering decimal value into Integer field on Instrument Responses
  • Hid Instrument Response pre-population option for non-staff users
  • Fixed issue where archived contacts were receiving notifications regarding scheduled self-assessments

 Fixed issue in standards builder where content items were not clickable

To see all of the product enhancements and bug fixes for February 2019, view the full release notes (attached to article)