Secured Personas

ARMATURE Fabric features customizable personas, which allow you to create curated experiences for your system users. Use personas to grant access to different types of information, activities, and dashboards per job function/role.

(Note: Please be careful with persona assignment to roles. Technically, you shouldn’t have to assign the Organization Representative and Program Representative personas to a role. Users will get those personas automatically through trusted contact assignment. Also, assigning a persona to a role means that no other role will have access to that persona unless the persona is assigned to another role.)

In Fabric, Security Roles are associated to specific Secured Personas. Users who are assigned Security Roles will have access to the Secured Persona after login, in order to tailor the information and experience to their needs. The Secured Personas available for association to Security Roles are:

  • My Items
  • Organization Representative
  • Program Representative
  • Staff