Document Control allows you to move a document through a revision process in a collaborative and traceable way. (NOTE: Before you can utilize this feature, you will need to configure a Document Control process in the system.) 

To enable Document Control, click on the icon to the right of your document, as shown below:

Then click Enable Control:

You’ll be taken to a screen that reads: 

Enforcing document control will require that you complete a “Revision” process every time you change this document. If you are sure you would like to enforce document control, please choose the revision process that you would like to enforce…

Select your revision process and click Apply. (As noted above, you will need to configure a Document Control process before you can utilize this feature. Your configured process(es) will then display on the screen above for you to select.)

Click Begin Revision on the next screen:

You will then be taken through the Document Control process that you have configured. A sample Stage 1 is shown below:

  1. Access the original document.
  2. Drop or upload your document revisions.
  3. Assign someone to this document revision stage.

  4. Add comments or start a discussion.
  5. Proceed to the next stage.

ARMATURE Fabric will guide you through the Document Control process. Your final stage will be an approved and versioned copy of the document. Once you’ve completed the Document Control process for a document, you will be able to view all versions of the document and its activity history when you click on it, as shown below: