New User Interface (UI) in Standards Builder

To enable more intuitive and efficient standards editing, we have updated the Standards Builder UI. The new design features a clean and modern look with intuitive menus and icons that streamline the process of adding and editing standards.

  • Enhanced Table of Contents (TOC) and Search functionalityWe joined the TOC and Search, which helps you keep tabs on where you are before you head somewhere else in the standard. If you go to the TOC and can't find what you're looking for, the search tab is right there.
  • Expand/Collapse: This is another big help visually, as you can expand or collapse your view to see where you are in the broader context of your standards.

New Listing of Standards in Setup

To provide a more consistent experience throughout the application, we have updated the listing of standards in the Setup area of ARMATURE Fabric. The Standards listing now matches that of the Instruments listing.

Purple = criterion, and blue = content, so you can see at-a-glance what each part is. Standards can be quite long, and our goal here is to help you better navigate the various sections of your standards as you add or edit.

Shared Documents in My Items

Documents that you share with auditors and reviewers are now available via the My Items persona. Reviewers can access these shared documents from their My Items documents dashboard for a more convenient and efficient experience.


  • Global variables allow configuration of a value per Instrument.
  • Organization name is now available on an Instrument response.

Bug fixes

Fixed breadcrumbs when navigating to the "Emails" tab of an Organization,Org Program, or Person

  • Fixed save issue where translated page has too much text in a choice question (instrument translation)
  • Fixed issue where ALL results were showing on the first page of a report despite the fact that the page says it's only displaying 15
  • Fixed issue where translation (renaming) of Organization was not respected in the Affiliations tab of a Person record
  • Fixed issue with multi-tenant search
  • Fixed issue with Standard Item index not updating after deletion of content item from a standard
  • Fixed issue with drag and drop file upload causing the same file to be uploaded multiple times in an instrument response