When a situation occurs that a new assessment needs to be created based on an older assessment, there is a way to easily copy an existing assessment template and then edit the template to create the new assessment.  An important thing to note, you will need to create a copy of the assessment template.  Don't make any changes to an existing assessment template that has previously been scheduled.

Please see the following steps.

  • Login and access EnGauge.-  Navigate to Manage Assessment Templates

  • Locate the assessment template that needs changes and make a copy of the template.  Please note, don't make changes to an existing assessment template that has already been used for existing scheduled assessments.  To make a copy, click the gear icon to the right of the assessment template that you would like to copy and select - Copy.

  • Re-name the assesment template name and click Copy.

  • The copy will save and will be listed under the Assesment Templates menu.  Now that there is a copy of the template, you have the ability to make changes.
  • Open the new assessment template that was created.
  • Make any changes/updates that are needed.  An example of a change, a drop-down selection question the selections need to be updated. 
  • Access the question that needs to be updated.

  •   Go to the Choice tab located within the question.

  •      Make the necessary changes/ updates to the choice and click the Save button.

  • Once all changes have been made to the template then you can proceed with creating the assessment and then assigning the assessment.