This article features FAQs received from our customers.  We will continually add to this list over time.

Q: When creating an instrument question (non-table/form question), where are question data keys along with question text entered?

A: When creating a simple question such as a text – short answer question within the instrument builder, the functions of the areas:

  1. Text for question
  2. Question configuration (additional details below)
  3. Question number field. This field isn’t required. If you don’t enter a question number, once saving the system automatically creates a question number.
  4. Question type. These fields can be modified to change the question type.
  5. Configuration of where you would like the question text to display such as text top, text bottom, text left, text right and no text.
  6. The question type that is selected determines what is displayed here. In this example, the question type is text and short answer so a long narrow text field is displayed. Once this instrument response is scheduled this is where the user will enter text/complete the question.
  7. Menu icon has options to add row above, add row below, save to library, move and remove.


The question configuration options are found by clicking the gear button within the question. Once this menu is opened the configurations can be set for the questions which include the field name, data key, variable name, options, validation and help setup.

To answer your question on where to setup data keys for pre-population, you setup the question data key within this question configuration menu. Enter the data key in the Data Key field:

An important tip, make sure the question Data Key matches on the corresponding instrument question that you want to pre-populate.