Instrument Response Flagging

To enable more efficient and effective collaboration among reviewers, we have added color-coded flags to Instrument responses. Users can now flag parts on an Instrument response, and filter the response by flag. The colors and labels on flags can be configured to suit your needs (just ask us).

Instrument Tables

To improve the user experience with Instruments (surveys, self-assessments, and assessments), we have introduced pre-population of repeatable tables/forms and tables with repeatable rows in Instrument responses.

Document Search & Share

It's easier than ever to find what you need, now that we've expanded our search capabilities to include document content and tag. Use the type-ahead search boxes to enter your query, and ARMATURE Fabric will scan all artifacts in the system to return a comprehensive set of results. You can also now share documents with specific organizations, programs, and/or people (instead of just sharing with everyone or no one as before).


Multi-factor authentication is now available for non-SSO users. Authentication can be done via mobile authenticator application, SMS, or email.


There is now a narrative attribute available to add to entities, allowing for a larger volume of text and rich text format.


You can now save demographics faster than before, and we also fixed a user interface issue in IE and Edge browsers.

Comment/Document Indicator on Instrument Responses

Users can now see a count of comments and documents on an Instrument response part. No more having to hunt for supporting documents and comments.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed document upload issues with large files.
  • Fixed issue where "Allow Issues" checkbox was not showing up when a question with "Allow Issues" enabled is imported into an Instrument from the parts library.
  • Fixed date display on Training history export.
  • Fixed Instrument saving issue when building an Instrument with a large amount of text in forms.
  • Fixed issue where archived security roles were available for selection during profile creation.
  • Fixed issue where name of person was deleted when adding a person to a group.