While the ARMATURE Customer Support Portal ticketing system will walk you through the process of creating a ticket, you may find it useful to know what our team needs to see in order to resolve your issue expeditiously. We recommend including the following details:

  • If an error message was received, what is the error message?
  • If possible, provide screen shots of the area where the issue is occurring.
  • Provide steps to replicate issue.
  • If possible, provide a URL (ideally this is in the screen shot).
  • When did the issue begin occurring?
  • Who is the user experiencing the issue?
  • Are multiple users experiencing the same issue, or just one user?
  • If possible, are you able to replicate the issue on UAT?

Of course, you can contact us any time at support@armaturecorp.com for help with your software. We're here for you!