When you’re taking advantage of our pre-population feature, it’s important to make sure that your data keys match. As an example, let's take Instrument 1 and Instrument 2. When creating Instrument 1, each question that we would like to pre-populate into Instrument 2 must have a data key defined that will then be added to Instrument 2 when building the questions within it.

If I’m pre-populating to Instrument 2 responses from the previous Instrument 1 response, and I’m pre-populating Faculty Name, the data key could be for example Faculty Name. This data key from the previous Instrument response needs to match the data key for Faculty Name on this response so the system knows where to put it. Below you will see the question box. Please select the gear icon to the left of the text/short answer drop box. The question box underneath will appear and there you can see the * field where you would put your defined data key name.