You can schedule instruments against Organizations, Programs, or People.

Navigate to the Instruments page (the icon in the main Fabric menu bar).

To schedule a new Instrument response, click the blue + (plus) button from either the main Instruments page or Instruments > View All. In either place, a drop-down will appear and you must choose which category of Instrument you want to Schedule (Survey, Self Assessment, or Assessment).

This will load the Schedule page. Select your instrument from the drop-down list in the top-left corner of the Schedule page. The list organizes the Instruments by published date, displaying them in reverse-chronological order, with most recent at the top of the list.

Once you select an instrument, any specialized or pre-populated fields will load, and you can complete the rest.

Display Name: If filled in, this is the name the assigned respondent(s) will see for the Instrument in notifications, dashboards, etc. Otherwise they will see the Instrument’s default name.

Open and Close Dates: This are the dates between which the assigned respondent can access and complete the instrument. The email notification they receive will indicate these dates, and they will no longer be able to edit the Instrument response after the close date, but they will still have read-only access.

Require Completion: Prevents the Instrument response from being submitted unless all questions which are set as Required have been completed. When un-checked, a respondent can Submit the Instrument with blank answers to any question, but the progress measures shown to the respondent will still count Required fields to calculate percentage complete.

Assigned to: you must first select Organization, Program, or Person from the drop-down menu. Then you can search in the box below and choose the specific assignee from within the specified category.