A publication email is created within the Publication setup. Once you associate your publication email to a process stage and assign it, the email can be generated with the dynamic fields and sent from ARMATURE Fabric.

Follow these steps to set up a publication email:

  • Click the blue plus (+) button and select Email. Complete the following fields:
    • Name:  Text field. Name of email.
    • Display Name: Text field. Name of email that will be displayed when associating to a process.
    • Associated to..: Drop-down selection. Area where you can find data sources
    • Data Source:  Drop-down selection. Select Data Source of the fields needed within the email
    • Displayed As: Text field. This is how your “From” address will appear
    • Subject: Text field. Subject line of email
    • Body: HTML editor. Body of email.
    • Fields: This area displays the fields available for the document. The fields appear based on your selection of Data Source.

* Required fields.

Insert data source fields into the email by dragging and dropping them into the email body. You can add the fields before, during, or after you enter the body of the email. The data sources appear lists under Fields once you select the appropriate data source.

  • Click your desired data source and drag and drop into the body of the email.

  • The data source will appear in the body with “{{{ }}}” brackets.

  • Once you’ve completed your publication emails, click Save.

Your new email will be listed within the Publications menu.