Creating Tasks During Process Template Configuration

You can configure any Process Stage in the Process Template to allow tasks by clicking on the "Allow Tasks” checkbox:

You can then create tasks as children of the process stage in case extra steps need to be tracked or requested from the team or external organizations/users. Tasks are added to the assigned process (NOT from the process template).

Tasks are created by Staff users. Configurators can select Groups of people to make available as Assignees on the current stage (and Tasks).

Creating Tasks on a Process that is In-Progress

In the Process Overview, from the stage that has been configured to Allow Tasks, Staff has the option to “Add a Task”:

For the task, Staff can specify:

  • Task name (Required)
  • Description/Instructions (Optional)
  • Due Date (Optional)
  • Completed Date
  • Assignee (Optional) – the type-ahead will match against the list of people who are members of the configured Groups
  • Assignment Date

Tasks are visible under the stage in the order they were created. Any artifacts (e.g. documents and publications) included on the stage will be available for any child tasks.

Tasks are considered required, but if the task is not complete, then staff can remove this task from the process. Completion percentage will be updated.