A milestone is considered a benchmark, and can be used to track progress along the path to accreditation. From the detail view of any important stage that you’ve identified as a milestone, enter milestone text in the “Milestone Text” field. This is what you want your programs/institutions to see when they check their status:

Then the stage will be automatically flagged as a Milestone and Milestone text will be displayed under the ‘Milestones’ tab in the Process instance.

The Process View from the Program/Institution Side

While process setup always happens on the staff side, the system does give applicants a view into the accreditation process as it affects them. Upon login, they will be able to see a milestone view of the process, which looks like this:

The milestone view shows applicants exactly what they need to know—without sharing anything that is sensitive or designed for staff-only consumption. Like the rest of ARMATURE Fabric, these views are highly configurable, so you can decide what your milestones should be.