A process template, also known as a process definition, is the structure that you use to build your process instance. Staff members with the appropriate security settings can access process templates from the staff dashboard. Follow the steps below to create and configure a process template (process definition), including stages and their associated data and assignments.

Note: Staff can edit a process template at any time. This will not affect process instances that have been already scheduled. 

To set up your process template, go to Setup > Processes.

Click the blue plus (+) button shown below to create a new process template.

Complete the following fields:

  • Name*:  Text field
  • Displayed as (optional):  Text field
  • Description (optional):  Text area
  • Status*:  Drop-down selection
  • Associated to*:  Drop-down selection
  • Process Type*:  Drop-down selection
  • Max.:  Numerical field (Used for reporting to indicate the maximum average time to complete a process)
  • Est. Numerical field (Used for reporting to indicate the average time it takes to complete the process)

*required fields

Click Next. You have now created the process template, and you (or your system configurator) can specify group/groups of users that can access the process. NOTE: Direct assignment to specific persons is disabled on the root stage.