ARMATURE Fabric Publications

Publications are dynamic email and document templates that you can upload, manage, and use throughout the system. Leverage “shaped data sources” to select the data you would like to use to automatically generate documents from within a process. From letters to emails, publications help staff maintain consistency, reduce workload, and store communication history within the system for future reference.

Publication Documents vs. Publication Emails

Publication DocumentsA publication document is a dynamic document that is set up in Microsoft Word, and then generated from a process stage in PDF document format. These documents are designed to be generated and then downloaded and saved in a separate location.

Publication Emails:  A publication email is a dynamic email that is set up within ARMATURE Fabric, and then generated from a process stage in email format. Once the system generates a publication email, you can edit the “To” and “From” fields, and the sent email is stored within the process stage.

Workflow of Publications

  1. Set up publication
  2. Associate publication to a process template stage
  3. Once the process is assigned and in-progress, generate and/or email publication

Data Sources

Data sources are the fields within Fabric that can be pulled into a publication document or email.