Publishing standards allows you to associate them to an instrument and/or share them with external users. You can also create and publish multiple versions of a standard. The system stores all published versions of your standards, so you can access a historical record of all changes made over time.

[NOTE: Once you publish a standard, it CANNOT be edited, but you CAN continue to edit the “working” version from which the published version was created.]

Here’s how to publish a standard:

  • Go to Setup > Standards > Working Standards and click the name of the standard to open it.

  • Once the standard opens, click the menu icon located to the right of the standard name and select Publish.

  • On the publishing window, complete these fields:
    • Published Version*:  Text field
    • Published Date*:  Date picker
    • Description:  Text area

*required fields

  • Click Publish

  • You’ll see a pop-up like the one below, indicating that a standard is publishing and alerting you that a notification will be sent via email when publishing has completed. Click OK to confirm the message.

  • Once your standard is published, it will appear under the Published tab listing the standard name, version, and published date information, as shown below:

You can now add your published standards to data collection instruments (surveys, self-assessments, assessments, etc.).