Team Types consist of individual roles that are associated with security permissions. You select Team Types when you are assigning team members to an Instrument (such as an onsite assessment). The system grants each team member associated to a Team Type an individual role, which determines the level of permission and access that they will have to the Instrument.  

How to Add a New Team Type

Navigate to the Setup > Security > Team Type tab and select the +New button to add a new team type. Complete the following fields:

  • Name*:  Text field
  • Team Size:  Numerical field
  • Require Team Member Acceptance:  Flag
  • Require Entity Acceptance:  Flag

            * Required field

  • The Roles area of the Team Type setup is where you define specific team roles and associate them to security roles. Click the +Role button to add a new role to the team.
  • Enter the role name of the new team role under the Role Name column.
  • Under the Security Mapping column, enter the security role name to search and bring up the security roles. Select the security role that you would like to associate to the new team role.

  • You may add multiple roles to the team type. To add another role, click the + Add Role button to continue adding roles to the team.
  • Once you’ve added the roles, click the Save button.
  • You’ll see the newly created Team Type listed in the Team Type tab, and you’ll be able to select it when assigning team members to Instruments.