You can set up Security Users in two different places: (1) from the Security User menu, and (2) from the person profile (when you first create a person in the system). Security Users must have a linked person profile in order to receive login privileges. You can see a full list of all existing Security Users in the system in the Security User menu.

Follow the steps below to set up a Security User either through the Security User menu or at the time of person profile creation.

Security User Menu

To add a new Security User from the Security User menu, go to Setup > Security > Security Users and click the +New button.

Complete the following fields:

  • Primary Email*: Text field
  • First Name*: Text field
  • Last Name*: Text field
  • Send an email to this user regarding their new account: Flag
  • Groups: Multi-selection
  • Roles: Multi-selection

        * Required field

Click the Save button to create new Security User account. 

Once you’ve created the new Security User account, you need to link it to a person profile in order for the user to receive login privileges.

Go to the People menu to create a new person profile, or search and open an existing person profile. Please see Person Profile user guide for additional instructions on creating a person profile.

To link the Security User account from the person profile, click the Link icon located on the top placard of the person profile.

Person Profile

When creating and adding a new person profile, you can allow the system to automatically set up a security user account and link the new person profile to the new security user account. Here’s how to do it:

  • From the People menu – click the +button.
  • Complete the following required fields:
    • First Name: Text field
    • Last Name: Text field
    • Primary Email: Text field
  • Check the flag – “Create this Person as a User”
  • Click the Next button.
  • Continue with setting up the Person Profile

Once you’ve entered and saved the profile information, a new security user account will be automatically saved to the security user menu.