To add a new Security Role, go to Setup > Security > Security Roles and click the +New button  and complete the following information:

  • Name*:  Text field
  • Description*:  Text field
  • Secured Personas:  Drop-down selection
  • Permissions:  Click the arrow icon  to the left of the permission to show the options for each individual permission. 

Once you’ve completed the fields and selections, click the Save button. The newly created Security Role will now be viewable within the menu.

The new Security Role will be available to grant to a new or existing Security Group or Security User.

Once you configure a Security Role, you can assign it to Security Users and/or Security Groups, as shown below:

More about Security Roles:

Security Roles are associated to system Permissions and Secured Personas. Please read the following to learn about Permissions and Secured Personas.