Training History

Given all of the information we are adding to Training, it made sense to have a cleaner view into this area of ARMATURE Fabric. That’s why we gave Training its own tab and designed this section to be more consistent with the list views that you see elsewhere in ARMATURE Fabric.

  • Moved “Training” to its own tab in the person record
  • New list view for training history
  • New attributes (such as expiration date) on training history
  • Document upload functionality, which allows users to upload supporting evidence

Process Management

To support you while you are building processes, we have added:

  • Entity Forms: Using extensions, you can now build forms for use in process management, providing greater usability
  • Help content on stages within a process


To enable you to sort information in a way that is meaningful to you, ARMATURE Fabric now:

  • Allows for grouping and categorization of attributes on entities

Document Upload

  • Acceptable file formats for document upload are now configurable. For example, if you only want to accept PDF documents within an Instrument, you can now specify this.

Instrument Response

  • Open/close date functionality has been applied to Instrument responses. The open/close date fields have been removed from the Instrument Builder and published Instruments, with an “effective date” added to the published Instrument.
  • Editing of an Instrument response has been limited to the date range provided in the open/close date fields. Respondents cannot access an Instrument response before open date and will have read-only access to it after the close date.
  • Default sorting by review open date for responses that have multiple reviews. This change makes it easier for you to find the reviews you need. (Note: There is currently no way to change the sort order.)


  • Support for “entity” type attributes that allow for selection of a person, organization, or program from the system. These function as custom fields. (Previously, we had field types of text, date, date/time, number, selection, etc. Now we have field types that allow for lookups of people, programs, and organizations in the system.)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed document upload issue on tables with repeatable rows in Instrument response
  • Fixed document upload issue regarding supported file type error
  • Fixed cell configuration options in Instrument Builder on IE
  • Fixed issue with criteria deletion
  • Fixed issues with opening submitted forms and scheduling Instrument responses
  • Fixed issue with saving Instruments where choice questions have a large amount of text. Text limit is now made clear to user so that work isn’t lost upon save.
  • Fixed tabs display issue on organization rep and program rep dashboards
  • Fixed issue where users with “read-only” access to an Instrument were able to edit and save changes
  • Fixed issue with special characters not appearing correctly on PDF exports
  • Fixed issue with affiliation search on person record
  • Fixed issue of display order of repeatable items in tables