ARMATURE Fabric users are granted login privileges. This article covers how to create a Person Profile and link the Person Profile to a Security User account.

Important Items to Note:

  • Contacts in the system with Person Profile accounts are NOT required to be a user.
  • In order for a Person to have login ability, the Person Profile must be linked to the Security User account.
  • In order for a staff member to follow the instructions below, they must have the appropriate permissions/security settings.
  • User permissions are dependent on Security Settings. Security Settings can be found in Setup > Security >Security Roles


If person doesn't have an existing person profile:

1. Go to People menu.

2. Click +button to create new Person Profile.

3. Enter the First Name, Last Name, and Primary Email of user.

4. Check the flag to “Create this Person as a User”

5. Click Next.

6. If you would like the user to receive an email about their new account, make sure you select the "Send an email to this user regarding their new account" option. 

7. If appropriate, select the Groups and Roles.

8. Complete the additional information, if required or appropriate.

9. Click Save.

The Person Profile will then be saved and if you selected the flag to send an email to the user about their new account, the system will email the user. The user will need to open the email and access the link to set their password.

At the time of saving the Person Profile, the system creates a Security User account. This is where you can modify the security settings and send the reset password email to the user, in the event they don't receive the newly-created account email and/or forgot their login.

The Security User accounts can be found by going to Setup > Security > Security Users.

Person has an existing Person Profile but doesn't have a Security User account

A user in the system must have a Person Profile and a linked Security User account.

1. Go to Setup > Security > Security Users

2. Click +button

3. Enter the Primary Email, First Name, and Last Name.

4. If appropriate, select the user’s Groups and/or Roles.

5. Click Save.

6. Go to People. Search, locate, and open the Person Profile.

7. On the Person Profile top placard, click the “Link Account” button.

8. Search and locate the Security User account by searching for the email address.

9. Check the flag to assign the user account.

10. If you would like the system to email the user about their newly-linked account, click the “Send an email to this user regarding their new account” flag.

11. If appropriate, select the user’s Groups and Roles and click Save.

By following these instructions, you should be able to create a new user account.