When system emails from ARMATURE Fabric and/or ARMATURE EnGauge are not reaching their intended recipients, there are a few things you can check:

1. Are the emails being sent from your User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment?

UAT is a testing environment, and the system only sends emails to specific email domains while in UAT. This means that typically only staff members will receive UAT emails, and test emails won't be sent to outside email domains.

2. Did your site recently go live?

During project implementation, the system restricts outside email domains. This means that emails won't go out until we allow ALL email domains. Please let us know if this is the case, and we will modify your configurations to allow system emails to send to outside email domains.

3. Did the user check their spam/junk email?

Occasionally, system emails will go to a person's spam or junk folder. Please instruct them to check these folders, and if they find the system email, they can restore it by moving it back to their inbox.

4. Are multiple users from the same organization reporting issues?

Occasionally, an organization will block certain email addresses. In this case, the organization's system administer will need to whitelist the ARMATURE Fabric and/or ARMATURE EnGauge system’s FROM email address. If you are unsure of the FROM email address that is being used, please email support@armaturecorp.com and we can provide it for you.