You can create and send email messages from two areas in ARMATURE EnGauge:

1. System Email Template

You can select an email template from your saved templates. These templates are accessible from the ARMATURE EnGauge Email widget, or if you have customization on generated ARMATURE EnGauge emails, the templates can also be found there. Please note: you cannot send individual emails from this area. Here’s how to find your email templates:

Go to Emails > Manage Email Templates

Your saved email templates will be listed, and from this page you have the option to Edit, Archive, or Remove.

You can create new templates by clicking the +Template. Complete the template fields and click Save.

2. Individual Emails - Individual Assigned Assessment

You can send an email related to an assigned assessment directly from the assignment. Here’s how:

- Go to Manage Assessments

- Find and open the Assessment

- Find and open the individual assigned Assessment

- Once the individual assigned Assessment is opened, you can send an email by clicking the Email button.

- Select either Organization or Team Members.

If you select Organization, the email will be sent to the assigned organization's trusted contacts.

If you select Team Members, the email will be sent to one or more members of the assigned team (reviewers).

- Create the email message you’d like to send. You may select a template email that was previously saved in the Email Template area of ARMATURE EnGauge, or you can create a new message along with an email subject. The intended recipients will also be listed in the Recipient field.

- Click the Send button to send.