Assessment 1 = Older assessment you want to use to pre-populate a newer assessment

Assessment 2 = Newer assessment that needs to be pre-populated with data from the older assessment (Assessment 1)

1. Make sure Assessment 1 has been completed and submitted. Assessment 2 needs to be scheduled.

2. Check the context settings of Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 to make sure the settings are correct. You can find these settings under the Manage Assessments > Assessment > Edit > Prepopulation tab. Make sure the settings are correct on both Assessment 1 and Assessment 2.

3. Go to Assessment 1 and click the Cache button.

4. Go to Assessment 2 and click the Run Prepopulation button.

Assessment 2 should pre-populate the appropriate pre-population fields. Pre-population is set through unique question data keys and the pre-population settings within the assessment.

How to pre-populate Assessment 2 from Assessment 1 when Assessment 2 hasn't been scheduled:

  • Ensure that pre-population settings are correct on Assessment 1 and Assessment 2.
  • Submit Assessment 1.
  • Schedule Assessment 2.

Data from Assessment 1 should automatically pre-populate into Assessment 2. If not, click the Run Pre-Population button on Assessment 2.